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Yeovil recreation fees and charges 2024-25



Our car park is operated on site by staff and is free to use, open 7 days a week, as of December 2020 in order to combat the ongoing anti-social issues our car park was experiencing, we now close our car park in the evenings, with gates re-opened early the following morning at 6am, please see the below images for details. 

Main Car Park: Use the Chilton Grove entrance off Mudford Road (BA21 4AW)

We also have 4 designated coach parking bays and 3 disabled parking spaces, along with 93 parking spaces and 2 spaces for electric vehicles with charging points. 

Our athletics arena also has its own designated car park with 54 painted tarmac spaces with 4 disabled spaces as well, we also provide an additional gravel overflow car park for competitions.

This can also be used as an overflow for weekend sports fixtures as will be open from 8am to 6pm, access to main site can then be made through a service gate at the top of the gravel car park.  

Athletics Car Park: Use the entrance via Picket Lane off Ilchester Road (BA21 3DS)

Public Toilet Facilities

Our public toilets are open to the general public 7 days a week and are monitored and regularly checked and cleaned, these include both male, female (with a baby changing unit inside) and a lockable disabled toilet which found on the side of our pavilion facing out towards the car park and steps next to the players entrance, these are open from 6am and close at 8pm. These have recently been renovated and re-opened in August 2023 and are cleaned and maintained by Glen cleaning group.  


JOD Pavilion and changing rooms:

The Jon O'Donnell pavilion was opened in 2003 as part of a grant funding from the football foundation and offers all users of our facilities a lockable changing room with showers, sink and toilet. 

We offer 8 full size changing rooms (numbers 1-8) and 2 additional smaller changing rooms (Numbers 9 & 10) for match officials of Hockey & Football. 

Our Pavilion also has both male and female toilets and 2 disabled cubicles including 1 with baby changing unit. 


As a local authority sports facility provider, we keep on site access to a defibrillator machine that is regularly serviced and is ready to use if a situation requires it, staff members on site are trained to use it and users of the sports facility are advised on the access code when a booking is made, it is located on the side of our building to the right of our players entrance. 

Our Commitment to Sustainability Awards

In 2022 our very own YRC grounds team were nominated for and won 2 grounds management association industry awards, their dedicated work and management has allowed both our facilities and our overall site to regenerate year after year.   

YRC Case Study for Sustainable Land management and Environmental Improvements 2022

Best managed artificial surface 

The YRC grounds team monitor and maintain the AGP playing surface on a day to day and week to week basis, this includes working on keeping the main surface safe by repairing possible tears in the carpet, carrying out weekly rolling using machinery to flatten the base of the pitch so it is in suitable condition for England hockey standard matches and other casual use, the team also carry out essential cleaning that involves ridding the pitch of loose leaves and tree debris along with moss control. They also carry out safety checks on all playing equipment, hockey and football goals and the additional netting used to divide the pitch. Their planned approach to long term maintenance has ensured a high quality and long life to the playing surface, it has currently seen thousands of hours use in the 10 years since it has opened and will look to be available for high standard use for another 10 years following this schedule and diligence of work, especially as the given expected lifespan of Artificial grass pitches is usually only 15 years.  

This November at the 2023 GMA awards we are delighted to announce that not only did our grounds team retain their award for best manged artificial surface but also managed to win the community grounds team of the year award. Again this is a massive achievement by the team considering their opposition in both categories included professional football, Rugby and Cricket clubs the boys have done amazing to come away with first place. To collect the awards our father son duo Pip (Rodney) and Jamie were invited to the ceremony held at Headingley stadium in Leeds. 


                          Jamie (left) & Pip (right) collecting their awards              



Site rules:

As part of our wider aim to create a safe and clean environment we have a number of site rules we ask all visitors to adhere to:

No littering, please put all litter in waste bins located around site and outside the cafe. 

Drone flying prohibited.

No BBQ or Alcohol on site  


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